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Vladimir Goren,  Teacher of Math and Physics,  Irvine  (949) 856-9926

Владимир Горен,  Учитель Математики и Физики   по-русски  

Individual lessons in Mathematics and Physics  
* Students gain clear understanding and firm skills 
* All levels from middle school through college 
* Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Calculus 
* Introductory and General Physics 
* Flexible hours and rates  

Extensive experience teaching Math and Physics
* Seven years at middle and high school in Ukraine 
* Five years at universities in the United States 
* Substitute teaching at middle & high school in Irvine 
* Tutoring from 5th through 12th grades 




Languages:  English, Russian 
Tel.:  (949) 856-9926      E-mail: 


Владимир Горен,  Учитель Математики и Физики                вверх  


Индивидуальные занятия по математике и физике
* Ученики приобретают ясное понимание и прочные умения 
* Все уровни средней и высшей школы 
* Введение в алгебру, алгебра, геометрия, высш. математика 
* Введение в физику, общая физика 

Богатый опыт преподавания математики и физики 
* Семь лет в средней школе в Украине 
* Пять лет в американских университетах 
* Замещал учителей в средней школе в Ирвайне 
* Репетиторство с 5-го по 12-й классы 


Языки:  русский, английский
Тел.: (949) 856-9926  


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"The important thing is that he knows what he is talking about. 
If I show up with new material, he quickly skims over it 
and understands what we need to go over and practice. 
He is great at explaining in both Russian and English. 
I leave each lesson understanding difficult concepts and 
ready for any quizzes or tests that may be thrown my way." 

  Diana Sevastyanova, 10th grade student, Irvine, (949) 922-8462 

   Spring, 2006 

"I have been extremely impressed with the quality of Vladimir's math tutoring.
My son was beginning to fall behind in his math curriculum,
when we were introduced to Vladimir by a mutual acquaintance.
Vladimir worked closely with our son, focusing on both basic math skills
as well as progressively more difficult concepts.
By the end of the school year, our son was earning consistently high marks
on his classroom assignments and tests, as well as scoring in the top percentile range
on the state standardized testing program." 

  Angelika Kacik, Mother of 7th grade student, Newport Beach, (949) 295-6535

   September, 2007


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